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Jackpot Junkie
Jackpot Junkie masterfully weaves a page-turning pendulum of Tara’s relationship with astounding fortune and trauma in a memoir like no other. Whether winning lottery-sized jackpots against incredible odds or struggling to find a bed to sleep in, Tara braids luck and loss together to teach us that anyone can manifest a fortunate life. From an early age, Tara believed she would never be lucky in life. Born into a black sheep family, she had to find the resilience and tenacity within to ascend from a childhood set in an unforgiving New York City. Tara rises from a history of severe neglect and a household of addictions to become a high-rolling gambler hitting millions-to-one jackpot on her birthday. Jackpot Junkie is the inspiring memoir of how one woman transmuted profoundly bad luck and lifelong pain to triumph into a world of wealth, beauty, love, and family.

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