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SciFi and Fantasy

Forgotten Monsters
One frigid, winter evening Marissa Summers saved someone’s life. She’d used her secret telekinetic abilities to stop a robbery in a park and – lucky her – someone recorded it. Footage from the incident went viral. Though she did her best to conceal her identity by wrapping a scarf around her face, she was easily recognized by the one person she’s evaded for years: her abusive mother, Claire. Claire makes Marissa an offer too good to refuse – she can bury the growing story and prevent Marissa’s identity from being revealed. While Claire says she has her daughter’s best interests at heart, Marissa soon discovers that her mother’s lies and secrets are far more insidious than she could have ever imagined. The worst part? No matter how much power Marissa has, it becomes obvious that Claire can still get Marissa under her control with just a few manipulative words.

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My Evil Eye
My name’s Gorgiana. For decades, I’ve lived a happy, simple life, shelving books at Sunland University’s library in Florida. But my peace ended when I witnessed an assault, bringing back horrors from my past. Or course, I took care of him. His body’s no longer whole. But that revealed my location. I asked for help from my best friend, Cora, the goddess Persephone, and everything turned out just peachy. More than peachy. I met this real hot guy named Ash that same night. Later he took me out to a nightclub by the beach—next, a movie. All was well, until some thug stuck a gun in my boyfriend’s back. But I took care of him. He’s in pieces now too. But it all puts Medusa in a heap of trouble. See, my name’s Medusa. Yeah, I’m that monster with the snakes in my hair. I warned you not to look.

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Reawakened Flames
Aria, the crown princess of Torrannon, has the world at her feet and a bright future. Then she develops anxiety and depression and finds herself trapped in a losing battle that seems to only have one tragic path of escape. Landa, a phoenix, has an embarrassing accident, and her confidence diminishes. She then loses the one ability she wields as a phoenix—her fire. With an invasion against Torrannon looming, Aria and Landa must save the kingdom from utter ruin. But first, they will have to rise above their inner struggles in order to survive an encounter with a far more sinister evil. This is the first book in the Sparks Shall Rise epic fantasy series. A tale about learning how to believe in yourself and how to find the smallest spark of hope, even when you feel as if you are drowning in darkness. Contains content dealing with anxiety, health anxiety, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and suicidal ideation.

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