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Midnight Moon
A paranormal romance series by USA Today Bestselling Author Samantha Britt I’m the first female Alpha heir to ever compete for pack supremacy. Time to show the shifter boys how it’s done… As the Alpha heir, it’s my duty to represent my pack in the infamous Alpha Games. I know I’ll be underestimated at every turn …after all, no one sees me as more than just a pretty face. I’ll prove them all wrong… My only concern? After vanishing for decades, the dark and elusive Wilds Pack has emerged as challengers in the competition. I can’t let the mysteries of their charismatic leader distract me from victory. After all, his motives won’t matter if he doesn’t win. Fans of Linsey Hall, Leia Stone and C.N. Crawford will devour this series.

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I’ve been on my own for as long as I can remember—separated from my family, living in orphanages and homeless shelters, and trying to cobble together some version of security. Now, I work at a tavern, eat scraps for dinner, and squat in somebody’s basement. The world outside is chaotic, with upcoming elections making our leadership unstable, technology changing at a pace that defies comprehension, and people with magic in their ancestry protesting their treatment by the government. But it’s the most stable my life has ever been, and I’m almost, dare I say it, happy. Everything changes when Finn walks into the tavern. He’s searching for an android murderer, and I get it—technology tends to break when I get too close. But it’s not me. I might know I’m not who he’s looking for, but he disagrees—which I discover when he tracks me to the basement where I live. But when the party upstairs crashes through the floor, I’m scooped up by the mysterious force that has kept me safe my whole life, and I’m back on the run again.

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