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The Night Cometh
The Night Cometh: 20 Fantastical Short Stories that will make you think about heaven, hell, life, death, and eternity. The unsealing has begun. Death stalks a man looking for answers, A survivalist endures the tribulation, Buckle up for a trip to hell, Judgment in the court of heaven, A man unwittingly sells his soul to the devil, The New World Order takes over the world, The United States eleven years into the future.

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Little Loose Ends
After a year that turned her world upside down, Victoria Mancusio’s seemingly perfect life is back intact—except for one looming loose end. And Victoria doesn’t like loose ends. After a series of events that would have put anyone over the edge, all Victoria wants is for her life to go back to normal. In the aftermath of her husband’s infidelity, his lover’s murder, and the harrowing moments when her life flashed before her eyes, she just wants to focus on her perfect baby daughter, Lila, and live a simple, peaceful life. But given her family’s wealth and notoriety, a simple life has never really been possible for Victoria. And with a sensational murder case and their names splashed all over the media last year, a threat from her past has resurfaced. Are the taunting text messages he’s sending a genuine threat, or is it just his way of playing with her head?

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