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A State of Mind
2012. At the age of 19, Dillon Jepsen felt as if he were descending into Hell. Institutionalized by his parents after a downward spiral into dreamlike realities had sent him into a heightened psychic state, his experience led to insight into the depths of human existence. And as he emerged with an all-knowing alter-ego called Mark, he connected with an awakening reality and an extraordinary understanding of our divine universe… Are you curious to know how deep the rabbit hole goes? A State of Mind lives through that experience with you. How does knowledge and revealed fate by revelation appear? Is it genius or pure insanity? Jepsen is flexible in his capacity to describe a new vision that is compelling and worth your consideration. It blurs the lines between our rational reality and creative imagination as the two are examined further.

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Different: The Highly Sensitive Leadership Revolution
Filled with ancient wisdom, practical applications, and personal stories from both Heather and members of the Business Miracles Community for Highly Sensitive Leaders, this book brings a fresh, empowered perspective to what it means to be highly sensitive. Embrace your difference—join the highly sensitive leadership revolution, and find success in your own business! The Book ALL Highly Sensitive Leaders Should Read! This is exactly the manual to follow to move from feeling like “something is wrong with me” in a world that isn’t designed for Highly Sensitive people to “I have Superpowers!” to create whatever you desire in life!”

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