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SciFi and Fantasy

Scale of the Dragon
Her key to freedom is also her torment. Mina is an outcast. A childhood accident left her scarred and with a curse that her master exploits to hunt dragons for sport. She wants freedom, from both her master and the curse, but unless the right dragon is killed, she’ll be a bondservant for the rest of her days. With Mina’s uncanny ability and her master’s magical strength, the beast responsible for her misery will fall … even if she has to take matters into her own hands. Scale of the Dragon is the first episode in the series Marked by the Dragon.

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Soul of Magic
Kincaid, a journeyman carpenter with artistic skills not seen in generations, discovers his shop is on the wrong side of underworld loans. In a blast of unknown and untamed power to protect those he loves, Kincaid changed his bright future in the Carpentry Guild to a dank prison beyond the laws of the city. Thrust into city politics, Kincaid faces impossible choices to escape to save his loved ones or embrace being a pawn in the games of political power. All the while a whispering voice invades his thoughts, pushing him to become the Chronomancer. To change his destiny, Kincaid must embrace the darkest secret of magic only the Magi know

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These Wicked Stars
Remember, if you know what you want, you’ll never find it. Hazel Blackthorn is an outcast, the bastard daughter of a nameless sailor and a disgraced mother. She will do anything to marry her secret fiancé and escape her oppressive life. When her fiancé announces he must marry her cousin in order to save his family’s crumbling business, Hazel is heartbroken and her hope for the future crushed. But a kind old man offers her salvation: Travel to the mythical Bazaar that visits the island once every thirty years and return before the end of the festival with medicine he needs, and she will have all the riches in the world. Gripped by hope, Hazel accepts.

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Home for the Howlidays
Celebrate the joys of togetherness during the holiday season with your friends, your family … and your pack. Let’s face it, whether you’re facing awkward family dinners, supernatural brawls, or the terrors of online dating, your pack always has your back. Werewolves, hell hounds, and other canines take centre stage in these nineteen stories by Angèle Gougeon; Sarah Hersman; Rhonda Parrish; JB Riley; Louis B. Rosenberg; Robert W. Easton; Jennifer Lee Rossman; Lisa Timpf; Rachel Sharp; Sarah L. Johnson & Robert Bose; Krista D. Ball; Rebecca M. Senese; Lizz Donnelly; Adam Israel; E.C. Bell; Melanie Marttila; J. Y. T. Kennedy; Rebecca Brae; and V. F. LeSann.

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