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The Forgotten Gods
What could be worse than a cosmic, world destroying, vampire hungry to drain the Mortal Realm of all life? How about two of them? The stakes rise to cataclysmic proportions and with the Seven Heavens and Abyss preoccupied with internal war, defense of the Mortal Realm falls to the Ever Hero, a broken and recluse man. Six years have passed since the defeat of Sekka at the hands of the Ever Hero. The Heavenly Host has departed, leaving the lands a charred, ash-ladened dystopia. Kasai Ch’ou has returned to the ruins of Ordu, seeking solace, but finding none.

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A NUCLEAR ATTACK. A COLLAPSING SOCIETY. A WORLD COVERED IN ASH. The Alt Apocalypse is the newest ground-breaking series from Tom Abrahams. It explores survival under the most extreme circumstances, but with a twist (and no cliff-hangers).This series, which can be read in any order, features the same core characters in each complete story. But every book dunks them into a new, alternate apocalypse; a nuclear holocaust, an earthquake, a flood, a wildfire, a hurricane, a plague, and even zombies. Different heroes will emerge in each novel. Different characters will survive and perish. Your favorite character dies in one book? He or she will be back in the next. In the end you’ll unwind the loose thread that connects every character and every stand-alone story.

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Hotel of Madness
A Necromancer. A careless Wizard. The Book of the Dead.
All Arthur wanted was a vacation. But when the Necronomicon he crafted to make a little dough falls into the wrong hands, Arthur finds himself having to save the world – again

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