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Magnus Maximus 1
Get all 31 ebooks FREE! Almost 100,000 Magnus books sold! #1 in Historical Thrillers, #1 in Military Thrillers, #1 in War Fiction, #1 in Military Science Fiction, #1 in Historical Fantasy, & #1 in Alternative History on Amazon. In 367 AD, an actual evil genius named Valentinus gets 5 foreign armies to invade Britain in what historians call The Great Conspiracy. Meet the real-life hero sent to stop them. Magnus Maximus means Maximum Great – that’s his name and he’ll become a Roman emperor in 383. But this long-suffering orphan has demons from his past that darken his future. His first cousin may become a lasting enemy whose idiot sons ruin Rome, destroy Western civilization, and start 1000 years of darkness. Meet the greatest Roman you’ve never heard of, take a tour of antiquity, see what started the Dark Ages, and enjoy the 4th century today with this 31-book historical saga.

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Green Shoots
The Constant Gardener meets Dexter – Green Shoots is a gripping conspiracy thriller with an ecological heart. Brought back from the brink of suicide by a mysterious phone call, grieving journalist John Adamson is on a quest for the truth about his wife Christina’s death in South America. A private investigator provides John with clues to what really happened, but also tips him off to investigate a spate of deaths of businessmen, all found with the same cryptic message: “Out of their ashes, green shoots will grow.” From the protest-filled streets of London to the ravaged jungles of Ecuador, John is unwittingly drawn into a lethal plot. There seems to be a vigilante killer on the loose, but who is behind these murders and what is the connection to his wife’s death?

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