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Christmas Grace and Light
It easily happens. Yet, if you are willing to pause long enough, you may also discover God in unlikely places, in everyday events, or in regular people. Christmas always begins with a story. There’s a man and a woman traveling to a distant city where a baby born in a stable. There are shepherds and angels. Because of this story, Christmas is a season when we are more attuned to the spiritual and its possibilities of breaking into our world. Christmas Grace and Light is a collection of short stories and reflections on the promise of Christmas. While the reflections are based on actual events, the stories imagine a world where Christmas is new every year. Written for Christmas worship, they tell of people caught in the world’s worries, running away from hope, perplexed by their own lives, or discovering unexplainable events. Just like you and me. In those events and uncertainties, light breaks into the darkness. We discover the ever-present wonder of God’s grace that became human in the very first Christmas.

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My Demon, My Jesus
Four angels woke me from barbiturate oblivion urging me to “Wake up! Call for help!” The angels’ voices pushed me forward as I dragged my body off the couch and crawled across the floor to my phone. The operator picked up and my mind collapsed into emptiness. I left my body that night. My disembodied spirit floated weightlessly through hospital corridors. I watched from the ceiling as medics pounded on the chest of my body below me before my soul blasted back into it. This began my tangled passage from brokenness, drug addiction, demonic oppression and death into healing and spiritual awakening. Today I am completely drug and depression free. In the two decades since my suicide attempt, Jesus has guided me into true healing from depression, and taught me to enjoy a deeply victorious life with Him as my companion.

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