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Stolen Lives
James Quinn – a flawed detective with a kind heart and a noble quest: justice. Or is it vengeance? It’s been two years since a young sex-trafficked woman fell victim to a sadistic murderer sensationalised in the tabloids as the “Dell Ripper”. The case remains cold, but no one particularly cares. Except DCI James Quinn of Hertfordshire Constabulary. James is convinced the Ripper is Troy Perkins – sex pest, stalker, petty criminal. His tormentor. The man who stole his happiness. When the Ripper strikes again, James is determined to catch his man, whatever the cost to himself. Or the people he loves…

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Half-Told Truths
Book two of the critically acclaimed Colorado Skies series, Half-Told Truths weaves multiple mysteries into one seamless plot. Kim Jackson is starting to get used to life on the run. In Durango, Colorado, she has found work as a part-time bookkeeper and as a live-in housekeeper for Lena Fallon, an ex-cop paralyzed in the line of duty. Kim’s old life as a corporate accountant—when she was framed for murder and forced to go on the run—feels far away until someone from her past spots her in the tourist town. Too soon, danger comes to her doorstep, reminding her that she can’t be safe while the man who set her up remains free.

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