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Steamy Romance

More Than Pancakes
Lily Hinsdale spends her California days designing extravagant hotels for Utopia Resorts. Her nights are filled with the glitz and glamour of upscale parties. Until her grandmother dies and leaves Lily property in wretched Vermont. The woods mean only one thing to Lily—nightmares. When Utopia wants the land for development, Lily is forced to travel to a place she’d rather forget. Rick Stannard makes maple syrup and builds barns in the peace and quiet of picturesque Vermont. Noisy New York City nearly killed him a few years back, and now he lives a calm, simple life with his coyote, Poe, and his beloved book collection. It’s the only way he’s guaranteed to wake up each morning.

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A Very Luxe Christmas
Victoria is hosting the glamorous Cage Christmas Gala, but an explosion in the ballroom makes her believe that someone is out to harm Malcolm… Being married to a billionaire hasn’t been easy. Between balancing her career with raising her children, the last few years have been insane. Kidnapping attempts on her babies have been frequent. Even taking her daughter to ballet practice has become a task involving armed security. So when her little boy requests a family vacation to get away from it all, Malcolm fires up the private jet, ready to go… until they discover the unusual destination and surprising holiday plans. This could lead to a memorable family getaway… or put them all in more danger…

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Four Daddies for Christmas
Four untamed ex-military brothers. One very unassuming girl. Who said Christmas miracles don’t exist? My family’s failing farm and my father’s debt has me on edge. Luckily, a chance rescue could be my ticket out. An adorable set of twins need childcare. And their legal guardians are four insanely HOT uncles.

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