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SciFi and Fantasy

Fastening the Grave
Two things are impossible to walk away from: death and vintage clothing. Trust me. I’ve tried. Moving across the country and opening a costume shop was supposed to be my chance for a normal life. What I wanted was a fresh start, one where the biggest danger would be a carelessly wielded sewing needle. What I got was the ghost of a murdered reporter demanding justice, a power I can’t control, and a new goat shifter BFF hell-bent on trouble. Now, my hunt for the killer threatens to expose a supernatural community determined to safeguard its secrecy at any cost. My only chance to survive is to embrace the legacy I’ve spent my life running from.

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Shadow Island
One prison planet.. Five banished elemental groups.. Is she the chosen one to liberate them, or will she lead them to their doom? Determined to find her missing parents, Astra assembles a team of young elementals like herself and plots a course across the treacherous Shadow Island to reach the portal to Earth. Along the way, it wasn’t just the mutant aliens she had to go up against, but the group must also face the wrath of the Elements.

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US UK and CA

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