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Diaries in Time
This is the second novel in the series that begins with Letters in Time. The third novel in this series Messages in Time will be released on November 1st! The first book, Letters in Time, ended with one question still hanging: Were Emma and Daniel reunited? Diaries in Time, the sequel, answers that question…and leads modern-day Emma to learn that choices people make create patterns as intricate as handmade lace. Decisions can haunt a person like a ghost across time. Emma Chase discovered that was true when she answered a letter from Daniel dated 1862 and tried to reunite him with his lost love. While waiting to find out if she succeeded, Emma discovers that Daniel’s mysterious presence isn’t the only thing haunting Waterwood House. She digs into the past to find out why, only to uncover complicated family secrets and a truth long thought long buried from prying eyes… but was it?

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US UK and CA

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