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1990. Lenka Brett, a smart but unworldly young, Irish teacher, volunteers to deliver aid when the world learns of the horrifying plight of children in Romanian orphanages. An English naval officer, Captain Simon Syrianus, volunteers to be her co-driver. Together, they join a convoy of humanitarian aid drivers known as the Rogues, the last hope for those in areas where official charities cannot enter. Lenka falls in love, but when the Rogues become the target of mercenaries, tragedy follows and she discovers her lover is not who he appeared to be.

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The Bogota Promise
A brutal drug trafficker determined to expand his territory, a general hell bent on overthrowing his government, and a group taken hostage that no one wants to help. Tom Finnegan, a soldier thought long dead, must come out of hiding to do what no government is willing to do. In a remote region in Indonesia, a small-time drug dealer has ambitions of becoming a major player. He makes a deal with a general to kill the president. In exchange, he’s promised expanded narcotic distribution. But he needs money. A lot of money. And taking a group of unsuspecting tourists hostage is the shortcut he needs to make it happen.

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