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Hungry Hearts at Lilac Bay
By day, Lyra works in her food truck on the shores of Sydney’s Lilac Bay. By night, she dreams of finally getting her singing career off the ground. When Alex parks his food truck beside hers, Lyra believes he’s intent on running her out of business. She’s determined not to trust him, but there’s one huge problem: she’s wildly attracted to him and he’s turning out to be more interesting than she could have imagined. A decision that was supposed to open doors for her band accidentally sets in motion a chain of events that could end up costing her everything. Can she find a way to set things right before she loses her dream man and her dream career? Join Lyra and her charming group of friends in this upbeat romance about love, friendship and dreaming big.

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A Convenient Christmas Proposal
Scarlett has always dreamed of marrying for love, but her strict father has different plans. He always believed that he could control her life with the power of money, so his Christmas present to her is an arranged marriage to a future Viscount. She doesn’t care about titles and riches, but how can she love a stranger? Miss Scarlett Wentworth has grown up under the watchful eye of her strict and controlling father. Seemingly all he cares for is growing his wealth and elevating the family’s social standing. Christmastide is around the corner and Scarlett is stuck in London with her father. Scarlett’s mother has left to be with her older sister during her last weeks of confinement. Her world is turned upside down when her prim and proper grandmother arrives. To make matters worse, Scarlett’s father announces that he has arranged a marriage between her and the future heir of Viscount Hartley. They have been invited to attend a winter house party at Hartley Estate where Scarlett is expected to make a good impression on her betrothed.

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Marshmallow Magic
Follow candy-crazy Mila and her besties, Maia and Maci, as they run Marshmallow Magic—perhaps the best cake and marshmallow pop business on earth—from their dream-come-true backyard tree fort bakery! This holiday season, Mila’s heading up the Westmont Elementary student council, which is raising money for the big Snowball Showdown. The tallest student in third grade—Emma—is in charge of advertising the event, but she’s getting tired of people only noticing her for her height. To make things worse, snowballs aren’t selling for the event, and no one knows why. Will the student council see Emma’s true talents and trust her creative ideas to save the event? Can the girls stay positive in this winter wonderland of a story and discover what true holiday spirit is all about before it’s too late? If you love feel-good stories on friendship, resilience, and sweet treats, don’t miss this social-skills building series. It also teaches empathy through characters who feel left out for various reasons including the main character, Mila, who has food allergies.

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