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Birds in the Black Water
Neviah has seen the Other Side since she was a child, a dark world trapped somewhere between past and present where shadowy creatures ominously keep watch. Though she uses her connection with the supernatural to build a thriving counseling practice, she is racked with guilt over a professional decision that landed a former client, Martha, into protective custody almost ten years ago. When a little boy arrives alone at her clinic with a letter identifying himself as Martha’s son, Neviah has a chance to redeem herself. Having suffered enough loss for one lifetime, Neviah must locate the boy’s mother before time runs out and she loses the chance to right her wrongs once and for all—and before the shadowy creatures that have plagued her since childhood do more damage to her loved ones than they already have.

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Christmas Fear
Denise and her friends are looking forward to enjoying their junior year, but when they discover an anonymously written book that points to the school’s deadly past, they realize a copycat is stalking the halls of Bliss High. Threatening notes promise death and the mounting clues point to a psycho who is closer than they think. Someone who dresses in a Santa suit, someone who anticipates their every move, someone who seems to know them well.

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