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The Outsiders: Book One
When Jason saw his grandfather, the renowned surgeon Dr. Patrick Barron, carrying a woman’s lifeless body into the woods, he was terrified. When Dr. Barron admitted to it and started explaining why it was necessary, Jason’s world would never be the same. He was now both the hunter and the hunted in a battle filled with otherworldly killers wearing human faces, fanatical cultists, and grisly rituals used to see into strange lands beyond our own. Enter a world that is being called “a beautifully interwoven and amazingly original take on supernatural horror”, filled with thrilling characters you will love and terrifying figures you will love to hate. This is the definitive entry point into The Outsiders universe—a place where nothing is what it seems and the heroes may be the biggest monsters of them all.

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The Whistler
When you hear him, it’s already too late. No one has seen him. He only comes out in the dead of night, whistling a haunting tune. As a horror writer, Mason Murdock scares people for a living. Now the tables have turned. The killer leaves gruesome, bloody clues on his victim’s bodies to let the world—and Mason—know who will be next. And no one is safe.

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