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Sniper’s Nest
The ambush is in place, he takes aim, and shots ring out. Chicago is officially on notice, and a siege is underway on the city’s men and women in blue. Assigned to the task force investigating the shootings, Jesse McCord and twenty of Chicago’s top-notch detectives work day and night to track down the sniper whose agenda is apparent—to kill as many police officers as possible. Getting in front of the crazed assailant is the only way to stop him, but without a name, a face, or a witness to the shootings, the police department is chasing a ghost. As a profile evolves, Jesse is struck by the realization that he and the sniper have much more in common than anyone could have known. It’s the epiphany he needs to stop the shooter, and a dangerous game of cat and mouse begins. Taking on the killer face-to-face, and single-handedly, is the only way Jesse can protect his colleagues and end the siege on his beloved Chicago—the city he calls home and always will.

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The John Tyler Thrillers
Retired Green Beret John Tyler finally built the life he wanted. But his past casts a long shadow. Eight years out of the Army, Tyler lives with his teenaged daughter, PTSD, and an inability to walk away from trouble. The Mechanic: The life Tyler built for himself and Lexi comes crashing down. Tyler’s former commander is out of prison and hellbent on revenge. When their mutual hatred boils over, no one is safe. To deal with this threat, Tyler must use the deadly skills he thought he left behind in Special Operations. Can Tyler stop a monster without becoming one himself? White Lines: A brutal cartel started the fight. John Tyler will finish it.

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