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Mail Order Sarah
Noah Bailey never imagined he’d take in a passel of ragged orphans.But the good Lord had other plans. In a single reckless moment, Noah goes from a gruff loner to a protective father of six. The rugged cowboy has things figured out. Mostly. The only thing missing is a mama for his boys. What he needs is a sturdy woman who can provide big, hearty meals and offer the boys a kind word or two. They haven’t ever known a mother’s gentle care. A mail-order wife of convenience, one who can cook, would suit him and the boys just fine. Sarah Becker never imagined she had a sister in Texas. Orphaned at eight, Sarah was adopted by a kindly couple. They treated her well, but always made their feelings clear; Sarah was not their kin.

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For Richer, For Poorer
Signing over his fortune to an unknown gentleman has left the Earl of Wiltsham practically penniless – made all the worse by the fact that he can barely remember anything. When an old friend gives him a flicker of hope, Benjamin returns to his London townhouse, only to discover a young lady sleeping in one of his bedchambers! Miss Julia Carshaw has decided to run away from London and from her brother’s demands to wed. Hearing that there is one empty townhouse, she finds her way inside – only to come face to face with one Viscount Wiltsham. Begging him to help her, Julia quickly comes up with a way to tie herself to Lord Wiltsham for good – learning too late that he has no wealth to speak of.

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