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A Royal Christmas Fairy Tale
From Karen Schaler, the Emmy Award-winning writer of Netflix sensation A Christmas Prince, comes this dazzling royal Christmas romance, filled with humor, heart, and hope, featuring an exclusive excerpt from Schaler’s highly anticipated next holiday novel, Love Always, Christmas!

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The Secluded Scarred Duke
Sarah Hartfield is the youngest daughter of a farmer. She is extremely beautiful and has a pure heart. Sarah has heard rumors of the severely scarred Duke of Farenshire, but no one has seen the reclusive duke since he arrived in the countryside nine months ago. That is until a chance encounter when he unexpectedly comes to her rescue in the woods. She soon comes to discover that he’s nothing like the man the rumors made him out to be. Edmund Foster—The Duke of Farenshire—was left scarred fighting in the war. The last thing Edmund wants is the responsibility of being a duke. But upon the untimely death of his father and brother in a tragic carriage accident, he was left with no other choice but to accept his fate. Tired of trying to find acceptance amongst High Society, Edmund returns to the countryside in search of a life of solitude. But his world is turned upside down when he encounters Ms. Sarah Hartfield.

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Germany, 1940. With laws getting harsher and rumors darker with each day, Lena Weisman knows her luck is running thin. But getting arrested comes without warning, and an hour later she finds herself shoved on a train with countless others. But the train heads west, not east like the ominous rumors whispered. And the soldier who arrested her is watching her every move, which is far worse than the others simply drunk with power and ruled by their basest instincts. When she gets a chance Lena runs from the train, but the soldier catches up. She agrees to his help, there’s little else she can do, but even after working together for months she can’t believe his intentions are as innocent as he says. He must have a reason for abandoning his whole life, but even if she believes him, can she trust him with her heart?

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