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Feel Better Fast
Oxygen, Water, Light—these are the 3 ingredients needed for healthy living and to live a pain-free life. Unfortunately, we live in a world of processed foods, corn syrup-laden beverages and fluorescent lights. If we were a car, we would have a check engine light that would come on when these 3 ingredients were out of balance. We do not have a check engine light, but we do have systems in place to alert us of problems in our bodies and they are aches, pain, numbness, tingling, burning, throbbing, fever, illnesses, etc. Traditional medicine – Surgery, Injections and Medications – often just address the symptom and not the cause. The OWL Method™ (Oxygen, Water, Light) can help get to the root of any ailment.

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Journey to the West
A twenty-one-year-old man leaves his native Sri Lanka to figure out what to do with his life but loses his way in Paris until a romantic encounter opens his heart, leading to a spontaneous awakening. He then explores Eastern wisdom and moves to Montreal where he practices Buddhist meditation, but his experience of wakefulness in day-to-day life unleashes a Pandora’s Box of unresolved emotions resulting from early childhood trauma of which he was blissfully unaware. More travels and encounters with women propel him along his healing journey, which parallels his ongoing quest for permanent awakening. It’s Jack Kerouac meets Eckhart Tolle.

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Must Have Keto Recipes
Makes a great gift or addition to your own kitchen Get all of the best keto recipes all in one place. Lower blood sugar, insulin and blood pressure. Maintain a keto lifestyle for years. Gain more energy and lower body fat. Heal your gut lining and reduce inflammation. Balance hormones and feel better. Invest in your future health today with these must have recipes!

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