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The Merry Mishap
She is a decorating specialist with no time in her day for disruptions. He is a handsome billionaire with a tragic past. When a scheduling mishap lands her in the wrong house, will she be able to sweet talk her way out of the mistake? Lucy Miner loves her job creating designer trees for wealthy clients. A computer glitch sends her to the wrong house where her decorating job turns into a glittery fiasco. When she is accused of trespassing, she wants nothing more than to get to the right house to work her Christmas magic. First she has to stop crossing paths with the handsome stranger who keeps showing up when she least expects him.

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Dragon by Midnight
Once upon a time, a curse turned Cinderella into a dragon. At the stroke of midnight, Cinderella falls to the ballroom floor and twists into a dragon. Hunted by royals, she flees from the castle and hides in the wilderness. Lost. Alone. Afraid. She needs a hero to save her. The prince never rescues her. Instead, she’s saved by a dark-eyed sorcerer named Sikandar. He promises to break the dragon curse. Even though she feels like a hideous beast, he sees her beauty. But Sikandar’s charm hides an ugly past. He’s too afraid, at first, to share his painful secrets with Cinderella. She can’t help falling for him, even though happily ever after might be forever out of reach. Shortlisted for 2022 US Selfies by Publishers Weekly and BookLife.

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