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A Friendly Low-Budget Vegan Cookbook
The supermarkets are rich with choices, but we often make poor choices. This society is materially rich, but we find ourselves increasingly emotionally poor. The recent global events of the past few years have only exacerbated that trend. Can we restore our connection with food, vegetables, nature, and our fellow human beings. Yes, we can! We can bond with family and friends as we cook and eat healthy meals at home. However, our cookbooks are not very helpful, and there is a pile of unread, unused cookbooks on kitchen shelves. Are the vegan recipe books in your kitchen too long and complicated? Do these books call for hard-to-find ingredients or strict adherence to formulaic cooking? Do you assume cooking great vegan food will be expensive, time-consuming, or taste like cardboard after all?

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Pawprints On Our Hearts
In warm, eloquent prose, Kerk Murray shares his dark moments as a teen and young adult while telling a beautiful story of love and forgiveness through his relationships with a few four-legged furry heroes. Giving Kerk a new purpose, their role in his redemption inspired him to founding The Lexi’s Legacy Foundation, an animal advocacy 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which has provided care to over 500 abused animals and raised over $100,000 in donations and services for animal rescue organizations across the world.

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