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Deadly Start
Starting over has never been more dangerous… Charlotte loves her new job at Rosie’s bookshop in the small town of Kingfisher Falls. One day she will buy the store, but for now she’s content to learn the ropes and forget her troubled past. Even the snobby book club ladies can’t dampen her spirits. But when a strange series of crimes casts suspicion on all the wrong people – including Charlotte – she can’t stand back and watch. Charlotte begins her own investigation, and Rosie is more than happy to help. With the community divided and criminals on the loose, the annual Christmas Eve street party is about to change lives forever, and Charlotte is the only one who can prevent a disaster. So much for keeping her head down.

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A Richer Dust Concealed
A gripping historical mystery thriller you won’t be able to put down! This is a tale that spans four centuries, revolving around the fabulous Most Holy Cross of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. This priceless artifact is buried in Cyprus in 1570, to hide it from the invading Ottoman Turks. An Italian squire named Girolamo Polidoro is witness to the secret hiding place of the treasure, the beauty of which is forever burned into his mind. Polidoro leaves a diary in Venice, the end of which is a coded message of the cross’s whereabouts. An English code-breaker comes across the diary in 1915 but dies in Gallipoli before he can crack the secret. And all the while the mysterious Venetian ‘Council of Ten’ has also been searching for the cross. When John, one of six young back-packers, buys a book in Rome in 1992, he has no idea of the danger he has just put hi

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