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You Are Not A Bad Parent, But You Can Be Better
You’re already a good parent… but here’s how you can be even better: Do you keep doubting your parenting abilities because it seems like every time you try harder, you also fail harder? Do you see yourself as a bad parent whenever you make mistakes? Do you wonder what really makes someone a good or a bad parent? It’s normal to feel this way – parenting is never easy. But it doesn’t mean you’re a bad parent. You’re doing everything you can to give your child the best life possible. The fact that you’re looking for ways to improve your parenting shows that you are already good enough – because you want to help your kid thrive in life. Every parent has their own way of raising their offspring. You have your own style of disciplining them while making them feel loved at the same time. But each personality type comes with flaws that can negatively affect your childrearing.

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Steel Backbone, Soft Heart
In Steel Backbone, Soft Heart, Chief Diversity Officer at SmileDirectClub, Cheryl DeSantis, debunks the myth that you must be detached and unfeeling to be an effective leader. With ten essential principles of heart-centered leadership, DeSantis helps business executives and managers champion and value the person first, over profit or production.

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