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SciFi and Fantasy

Blood & Ash
Missing teens. Long-lost magic. And the sexy nemesis who might drive her to murder.
Detective for hire, Ashira Cohen is having a no-good, very bad day.
When Ash was thirteen, her con artist father disappeared, leaving her with emotional scars and a limp she can’t hide. But she toughened up, determined never to be played again. Is history repeating itself?

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Barren Waters – The Complete Novel
In a desolate, post-apocalyptic world, how far will a father go to save his daughter’s life? Sometimes life ends with a bang. Other times it ends with a slow strangulation. The oceans are extinct. Civilization has collapsed. But what does that mean for the rest of the planet? What does that mean for those who survived? Enter the world as it exists in the twenty-second century. Join Jeremy Colt and his daughter, Sam, as they race across the country to survive. With only their bikes and the packs on their backs, they must reach San Diego before her medicine runs out. The clock is ticking. Can they get there fast enough? And if they do, will it even save her?

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