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The Cowboy’s One and Only
Knowing that change is inevitable and embracing it are two entirely different things. Fresh off a break-up with the man everyone assumed she’d marry, Frankie isn’t even sure who she is. A trip to the place she loved as a child will help her find who she wants to be. Decisions about her future get a bit muddled when she meets Logan. It’s nice to have a friend and… friendship is the only option for them. Isn’t it? Logan’s life is changing way too fast for his liking. The last thing he needs right now is romance. That was before he met her—the fiery out-of-towner who practically stole his heart on sight. But she has no intention of sticking around long-term, and he’s not a forever kind of guy, anyway. And yet, none of that matters when they’re together.

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Milford Elementary
One deceased groom-to-be. One dead-end clue. One last chance at redemption. Gwendolyn Strong feels lost outside the classroom. And at loose ends after retiring, the ex-kindergarten teacher longs for the excitement her stable marriage and yoga sessions can’t provide. So the spirited fifty-something leaps into action when a former student takes his life on the eve of his wedding day. Skeptical that he died by his own hand, Gwendolyn teams up with her elderly mentor and true-crime addict daughter to scour the small town for clues while dodging the dismissive cops. But when her prime suspect turns up fatally crushed in a freak accident, she fears a cunning culprit could be pulling some murderous strings.

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The Sleigh Bells Chalet
Christmas, sleigh bells, and dashing through the snow—toward love. Hotel owner Ellery Hart’s business is on the rocks. Rooms are empty, the lobby is ugly, and a huge loan payment is due. Unless she can pay, she will lose her grandpa’s legacy, the Bells Chalet. While her mom would have her marry the rich banker who is holding the hotel’s title ransom, that idea is beyond unacceptable. Ellery needs brilliant business solution. But how to make one happen fast? Bing Whitmore has been running the family business, Whitmore Thoroughbred Stables, on his own. But when his heart is broken by two females—horses, that is—he is thrown for an emotional loop, and all he wants to do is quit. Sell the stables. Never look at another horse again.

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