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Steamy Romance

Determined to do whatever she can to rid her beloved land of the barbarian Romans, Carys, a druid acolyte, defies the order of her High Priest to remain within their safe enclave. She escapes to help her oppressed people, only to be captured by a dangerous, battle-scarred centurion. Charged by his emperor to eliminate the powerful Druids in Britain, Maximus doesn’t expect his mission to be thwarted by the clan’s ethereal princess, Carys. Unaware of her true heritage, he’s enchanted by her beauty and intrigued by her bravery, and while he wants nothing more than to protect her, he reluctantly releases her.

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Savannah Run
Leia Stone’s new accounting job is a nightmare. Her boss’s biggest clients are New York’s most brutal criminals. Gathering evidence against them throws her into the dark waters of money laundering and human trafficking. Desperate, she turns to a former client for help. Eric Robb is a fixer. He’s the man the rich and powerful call when they need a problem to disappear. But one call from Leia, and he has a problem of his own—protecting an idealistic beauty on a quest for justice. Passion grows between them as they work together to build a case that could bring a criminal network to its knees. But, when a psychotic hitman from Eric’s past, is sent to make sure their evidence never gets to the FBI things turn deadly.

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Under the Influence
The once prized daughter of New York’s infamous La Costa Nostra, Sophia Falcone was the untouchable Mafia princess. Croccifixio ‘Rocco’ De Luca is danger with a red warning sign. The youngest Don in the five families of New York with the face of a saint but the reputation of a sinner, the darkest kind. Murder and vice run through Rocco’s veins like the blood that runs through hers. Sophia’s resistance to fall for his icy gray eyes and destructive smile commences the start of a sizzling power struggle between them, with neither willing to relinquish control. As a tempestuous passion between them begins to brew, Sophia soon realizes every step towards the temptation of Rocco is a step towards a terrible secret escaping.

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