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Photo, Snap, Shot
THE SCHOOL NURSE CALLS TO SAY THAT KIKI’S DAUGHTER HAS STUMBLED OVER THE CORPSE OF A DEAD TEACHER. BUT don’t worry. Everything’s all right. (Ha!) And Kiki might just believe that a badly shaken daughter is the worst of her worries…EXCEPT that pre-teen Anya might have actually seen the killer fleeing the scene of the crime.

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Southern Magic Thanksgiving
It’s Pepper Dunn’s first Thanksgiving in the magical town of Magnolia Cove, Alabama. The entire town is ready to celebrate—except Pepper, who’s still yearning for her boyfriend, Axel Reign, to return. But she has little time to mourn. When a new baker sets up shop across the street from Pepper’s cousin and starts stealing customers, it’s all out war. But when the storeowner ends up murdered and Pepper’s cousin becomes suspect number one, it’s up to Pepper to help. Thrust into a mystery, she teams up with a talking rabbit that’s keeping more information than he’s revealing and an old foe turned friend. More secrets than Pepper bargained for unravel in front of her, but the main one—who killed the baker, is anyone’s guess.

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