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Churchill’s Assassin
New Year’s Eve 1964. A young Irishman, Lochran Ryan, is being transported by Special Branch to a secret rendezvous with Sir Winston Churchill. When he arrives, a sniper tries to kill the statesman. But why kill a man who the world knows is dying? This is the first of many questions that Lochran must find the answers to, as he tries to avert a war between England and the Irish Republic. His quest for the truth takes him to New York, London and Moscow, where he encounters the most ruthless of criminal gangs, and Delafury – a one-man execution squad – who warns Lochran that a new force is rising that will change the world. Churchill’s Assassin is the first in The Lochran Trilogy, followed by The Last Rogue and The Alpha Wolves, an epic tale in which the world’s most notorious criminal masterminds gather to strike at the one man who may discover their secret.

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A new administration sweeps into power, promising unity, promising a fair and just society. They lied. As the newly elected administration’s incompetence threatens to derail the aspirations of a powerful shadow government. A series of progressively more deadly events are exploited to chip away at the freedom of the American people. They understand that to achieve complete control, they must answer one question: How do you control free people? The answer is simple, and brutally effective: you control the flow of information, making yours the only truth. You silence dissenters, critical thinkers, and opponents of your truth. You use fear to limit their movement and destroy their livelihoods, rendering them dependent on their government. Then you wait… wait for them to willingly trade their freedom for safety.

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