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SciFi and Fantasy

Eye of the Wolf
Alekka is a kingdom riven with rivalries – even its gods are at war – and now, after twenty years of relative peace, the king’s enemies are emboldened, threatening to rise against him. Shut away in a small village, Alys is oblivious to it all until she is torn from her home and family and forced to confront the dark forces at work, and her own mysterious past. Lord Reinar Vilander is acutely aware of the king’s precarious position, for his fortress guards the bridge to Alekka’s capital. Enemies range above him, planning their attack. Enemies with dreamers capable of wielding dark magic. And a skilled dreamer is surely worth a few thousand men. Needing to act fast to shore up his defenses, Reinar takes his ships to sea looking for slaves to sell. Slaves will earn him the silver to tempt more warriors to fight beneath his banner. Though one of the women catches his eye, and then captures his attention entirely. A beautiful woman in a green dress.

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Saved by The Alien Boss
For the family’s business, I need a mate; she needs an escape from danger. Bolso Who decides that a male nekrozzro has to get a mate the moment he is a mature one? My father decides that I have to do exactly that to get my slice of the family’s business. It doesn’t help when I’m the eldest in the family. For my sanity, I need a vacation away from home. Ava I’m busy settling down and forgetting my cheating fiance. I don’t expect to meet anyone. A crazy stalker chases me, and I end up in a huge and muscular man’s arms. My heart races for him and his touches are golden. He saves my life and offers me the cash for me to be his fake fiance. He says that his family lives far away, which is reasonable until I see what he means…

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