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The Real Jack Ryan
Everything in this book is 100% true.The CIA made only minor redactions. What’s it really like behind the walls at CIA’s mysterious headquarters in Langley Virginia? Learn about the real CIA, in this book. Would you like to sit and have coffee with a CIA officer and pick their brain? This book is a similar experience. It is a collection of 52 short stories, centered around the questions that most people ask me when they find out that I am former CIA. This book is designed to be easy-to-read and accessible to all. It is a relatively quick read with short, digestible stories focused on my personal CIA story and the reality of the CIA, in contrast to what we see in the movies. Would you like to see the unexpected road sign telling you where CIA headquarters is located? Or an example of a classified CIA cable? Some interesting and illustrative photos like these have also been included. Have you ever dreamed of working at the CIA? This book also give advice on how to get a job at the CIA.

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