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Storytelling Therapy
Groundbreaking psychotherapist Orit Even Shoshan-Reshef lays out her professional guidelines, allowing readers a unique glimpse into the world of storytelling therapy. In “The Kingdoms Game”, patients of all age groups are encouraged to create for themselves a private, personal kingdom. They determine its inhabitants and their lifestyle, whether it will have tall, well-guarded walls or vast, open fields. Through The Kingdoms Game, patients are given a chance to discover and share their own personal stories. While the concept of bibliotherapy isn’t in itself “new”, it is not yet common knowledge that therapists cannot treat patients without first learning their story. After more than 20 years of working with children, teens, and adults, Dr. Even Shoshan-Reshef captures the essence of the dynamic therapeutic process with a new form of storytelling therapy.

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Demystifying Enlightenment
Do you long to know how your loved ones are doing in Heaven? Are you curious about the afterlife? Do you miss your late family members and yearn to ask them about their heavenly existence? Intrigued by the astonishing wisdom of other celestial residents? Dennis Macy, who possesses highly sensitive enhanced abilities, has helped countless individuals by delivering messages from the other side. Now he’s here to provide you with the comfort and understanding that comes from communicating with those who have passed on.

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