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Disgraced teacher, James Fisher, moved to a backwoods town, content to live his life in solitude. He was awakened from his apathy by a small girl with a big problem. James suspected Brittany was being abused and exploited by his neighbor. He called the police but soon realized his mistake, as the neighbor was related to the chief of police. Most would’ve looked the other way. Getting involved placed James squarely in the crosshairs of the local police. James lacked the brawn or the connections to save himself, much less Brittany. The police held all the power, and they knew it. But that was also their weakness. They underestimated what the mild-mannered teacher and the young runaway would do for justice.

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Someone made a big mistake. They tried to kill the CIA’s most lethal assassin, and now she’s faked her own death to hunt them down. Just weeks before retirement, CIA operative Drenna Steel and boyfriend Trevor Lambert are run off a mountain road by another vehicle. Drenna survives the crash, but Trevor doesn’t. There is little doubt that someone placed a bounty on Drenna’s head, but who was it? Only a handful of people even know she exists. Determined to find the person who ordered the hit, Drenna fakes her own death and begins an investigation that takes her to the glamorous French Riviera, where a mysterious figure known as the Phantom awaits her.

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