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SciFi and Fantasy

A Grim Demise and Even Worse Resurrection
Max’s coworkers treat him like hot garbage, and his manager is a superficial dolt. Unfortunately for him, his fate was sealed before he was even born and it’s way worse than working part-time in a coffee shop. Confronted out of the blue by a floating demonic eye, Max doesn’t take it seriously, because who would? So when the flesh is ripped from his bones and he’s hurled, screaming, into a fantastic and terrifying new world, he’s a little surprised. When he learns his task is to free the daughter of the god of death who’s been chained and tortured for centuries, he is stunned. Max had better figure things out, and fast. As an unwelcome undead in a world oppressed by the corrupt tyranny of light, there are whole orders pledged to eradicate his kind. To even come close to completing his quest, Max will need cunning, determination, and a whole lot more than one measly hit point.

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Zombie Apocalypse 3
Who Will Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Colonel Jack Crown, M.D., wages a deadly battle of wits with the Russian whose job is deception. Jack explores Crown Territory. His team battles zombies and outlaws to create a safe zone around the Outbreak Compound. Dr. Benjamin Lieber races to find a cure for the Z-Factor virus. His research assists Jack in a high-risk gambit. General Markum summons additional military resources while Dr. Lieber treats his bitten son. Anton Abelev mobilizes an attack force including ruthless Spetsnaz troops. Using a role playing game, the Russian invaders plan to steal the Outbreak Compound’s secrets and destroy Jack’s team and their loved ones.

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