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Trencher’s Bunker
Our global elite secure their survival well before the common people know a thing. Marcus Trencher, a brilliant but reclusive tech industrialist, is brought in to design massive superbunkers for this privileged class. In exchange for his talents, he only asks to oversee construction of one his own. It becomes nothing short of a subterranean palace. His life underground was to be comfortable above all else. Near the doomsday deadline, he sends his closest friend Henry Plyman to recruit desirables to join them. Plyman believes he is filling vital roles to service a population of hundreds, if not thousands. That isn’t exactly the case. Unlike Plyman, Timothy Spencer refuses any part of Trencher’s plan. Spencer secures a bunker bid, but elsewhere, and nowhere near as luxurious. He mines coal and subsists on a soy-based protein drink. His wife is depressed and his children grow ill. He cannot shake the sense that Trencher has a presence in his miserable new home, and he begins to investigate.

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The Chambermaid
Ten years ago, a cult wiped out my entire family and took my home. Now I’m back for revenge… Ghostly figures in dark robes haunt my dreams and waking moments. Only fragmented memories remain of the eerie night my family took their last breaths. I’ve returned to my nightmare. The Lakeview Hotel was once my home. It’s now the property of The Church of True Believers. They need a maid. I need proof to expose them. When sinister events threaten to derail my plans, the reality that no one else knows I’m here sinks in. A decade of repressed terror surfaces as I reacquaint myself with this place.

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