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SciFi and Fantasy

On Becoming Heroic – The Ministry of Superheroes and Scamps, #1
The Ministry of Superheroes and Scamps is a stand-alone spin-off series from Egg and the Hameggattic Sisterhood. It is a girl-empowering fantasy adventure. It is the story of the twin daughters of a living legend, the Queen of Aerianna. To their delight, they have been given permission to partake in their first solo adventure. They have decided to visit a small planetoid in the Andromeda Galaxy. What they don’t know is that the planetoid is home to the Infinite Requiem of Scientific Insufficiencies – a curious institution dedicated to repurposing failed scientific experiments. It is run by a sentient robot called an ALF Prime. Their visit doesn’t go quite as planned. The other guests who happen to be visiting are a class of exceptionally bright students from a prestigious academy. One of them is P’yxx, an elfin-like being who teams with our twins to avert a galactic-wide catastrophe caused by a practical joke gone terribly wrong.

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Diary of an Atmospheric Sailor
Meet Kit Keagan and his bricky girlfriend Hailey, a pair of plucky teenagers in the Allegheny Highlands of 1851 Virginia. Hailey and Kit follow three river otters into a limestone cave, and inexplicably, travel three decades into the future, to the post-Hydrogen War 1880s. Conscripted into the British military, our reluctant time travelers join an expeditionary airship squadron and begin an epic journey around the world. Deep down inside, they both feel like they’re still sixteen, and neither one of them can remember the thirty years they somehow left behind. Is there a way back home? Diary of an Atmospheric Sailor is a science fiction/fantasy concept extravaganza featuring alternate history, bizarre mutant beasts, haywire automatons, and shapeshifting extraterrestrials. At 92,500 words, it’s a full-length novel recommended for high school age to adult readers. Exclusive eBook release.

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