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Ghost of an Inheritance
Lia’s not afraid of ghosts. She’s not afraid of anything… except love. Lia Savage has things to do. There’s a castle to help remodel and a ghost to free before she can head back to Sacramento to pursue her dream. But dealing with Coop Montgomery isn’t on her list. While working with her old crush to get rid of the specter, Lia’s heart comes alive like never before. The only problem is that Coop’s dream is to remain at the castle. To follow hers means Lia must leave. Not only will she have to find the courage to stand up to the ghost, she’ll be left with a daunting choice. She can only have one future… with Coop or without him.

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Courting Danger
She headed west looking for adventure. Love was never part of the plan… Clarissa Ferguson refuses to become a socialite and marry someone just to appease her mother. She craves more out of life. So, when she sees an advertisement for female Pinkerton agents, she jumps at the chance. But nothing could’ve prepared her for her handsome new boss…or how he’d make her feel… Noah Harding has no interest in romance or marriage. Not ever again. He’s a career man through and through, and he has a murder to investigate. It’s just his unfortunate luck that in order to do so, he must enter into a marriage of convenience with a beautiful new employee who makes him question everything… They always knew they were courting danger. But when all is said and done, is it their lives, or their hearts that are truly at risk?

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