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Mail Order Holly
To avoid an unwanted suitor, Holly Ross becomes a mail order bride. She travels to Copper Creek a few short weeks before Christmas. Along the way, she’s asked to take a bundle of letters to a certain cowboy in Copper Creek. They’re from another mail order bride who’s had a change of heart. The journey seems endless. Holly peeks at the letters, reads one, and then another. She can’t resist learning more about the Barstow family. When she arrives, there’s no one to greet her. She fears that her husband has jilted her. Stranded, alone on the train platform, she accepts help from a rugged cowboy.None other than Jacob Barstow, the man whose letters she read.

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Unforgettable Loyalty
Faithfulness, devotion, commitment. all exclusive words meaning you put that special someone at the top of your “you-matter-the-most” list. Is there anything more important in a relationship than loyalty from the one you love. knowing that person will always be there for you? And then they aren’t. What happens then? In these NINE romances* written by New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Authors, we deal with this problem, find solutions, and are able to reach memorable Happy-Ever-After endings. *Spine-tingling Romantic Suspense novels from THE AUTHORS’ BILLBOARD! Mimi Barbour: Special Agent Jennie – Agent Jennie hates only one man. The same guy who comes back into her and her daughter’s life and rips it apart. How can she allow him the power… how can she not? Susanne Matthews: The White Lily – Uneasy partners, Jacob and Lilith must learn to trust each other to find the monster as they fight their growing attraction. When Lilith’s greatest fears materialize, can Jacob set aside his own rage to save the woman he loves?

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