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Mateo’s Awakening from Within
In a mystical place in the Peruvian Andes, a young boy named Mateo discovers the truth of his real nature when he meets a wise man who becomes his mentor.
And the adventure begins. In this heartwarming motivational and self-improvement book, the wise man reveals to the young boy the GIFTS that we all possess but rarely utilize. He reveals to Mateo six creative faculties that will help him cultivate these GIFTS of success in any area of life. Now, a bright future unfolds ahead of Mateo with these new learnings and adventures. Discover your GIFTS, dear reader, use them wisely, and you will create the life that you want and deserve.
Life is happening right now!

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Divine Secrets of Affluent Women: The Guide to Owning Your Wealth
Believe it or not, the financial life of a woman changes every ten years. Divine Secrets of Affluent Women: The Guide to Owning Your Wealth shares relatable life stories from all kinds of women who became financially independent. Their stories will motivate you and pave the way to your own wealth. Here are some facts you will learn within: Building wealth is a game that you can play to win No matter your circumstances, whether you are a student, a single mom, or a business owner, it is never too late to create a financial roadmap to build wealth

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Learn Spanish For Adult Beginners Bundle
The world is slowly opening again, which means you can now finally take that trip to the Spanish-speaking country you’ve been wanting to for so long… But what if you get there and sound like a complete foreigner? What if you start speaking to a local but you get tongue-tied finding the right words to say? Sounds like a nightmare, right? It doesn’t have to be that way… Here’s the deal: We created this Spanish-speaking crash course that’s dedicated to making you conversational in 30 days or less – that too without spending months on a random language app that you’d mentally force yourself to use.

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