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Edward Petrosky joined the Ash Park police force with two goals in mind: escape the military and silence the demons that followed him home from the war. And no one soothes those traumas better than his fiancé, Heather—he doesn’t even mind that she has a checkered past of her own. But his dreams are obliterated when one night, on a routine call, Ed stumbles upon a scene as horrifying as any he’s seen in combat: Heather’s bloody body, half-buried in the snow. Though his superiors order him to stay away from the investigation, Ed can’t help but notice the inconsistencies in Heather’s case—her supposed cause of death doesn’t mesh with what she’s told him about her past. When another body turns up, Ed realizes that Heather’s murder wasn’t an isolated act of violence; this new victim was connected to the same shelter where Heather volunteered and attended the same church where a kindly priest seems to know more about the murders than he should. And the detectives working the case seem indifferent to these links despite being no closer to finding Heather’s killer.

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Her Last Lie
Naomi wakes from an accident with no memory of her previous life. A stranger to her, Joel, claims to be her husband, and Naomi has no choice but to believe him. Joel keeps Naomi isolated and will only drip-feed her clues about the past. He says he’s just following doctor’s orders – Naomi has to take it easy or she could be overwhelmed. But Naomi can’t help feeling there’s something off about Joel and the wonderful life he claims they had together. And how did she get injured and lose her memory in the first place? And who is the strange woman who is stalking her? Naomi begins to suspect she’s in terrible danger. She needs to fully remember her previous life – and fast.

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