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Gray Divorce, Silver Linings
Gray Divorces are on the rise for adults aged 50 and older. Data shows that 66% of the time these divorces are being initiated by women.Sadly, women of gray divorce are at risk of irreparable financial harm, often accepting settlements that are unequal and unfair. Often times, women are trusting that her partner will do what is right for her and simply accepts what is being offered. The long-term impact of gray divorce on a woman’s financial security can be devastating. And don’t assume that reaching a certain level of affluence or fame makes you immune to divorce; that’s not the case. If you find yourself facing a late-life divorce, alone and afraid, worried about your financial well-being, lacking a clear sense of what your marital estate is worth, unsure about how to participate in impending negotiations, and struggling to create a new financial secure life, this book is for you.

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