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Dark Cure: A Trident Force Thriller
When Dr. Karl Shepherd discovers a revolutionary drug that can cure his daughter’s rare disease, he unlocks the ultimate version of Pandora’s Box. Soon, he is hunted through the Amazon rainforest by ruthless mercenaries desperate to steal his secret. His every step is tracked by the brutal Jacques Benoit, a cognitively-enhanced commando. Shepherd’s survival and the antidote for his daughter hinge upon his experience as a former U.S. Ranger. But, Shepherd doesn’t know that his amazing breakthrough could unleash something far worse. The ability to create super-soldiers – genetically upgraded men and women bred to be the ultimate gladiators – a staggering military advantage capable of rewriting the laws of power and rearranging world order. Whoever controls Shepherd’s discovery will rule the planet.

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I Can Be Your Friend: A YA Twisted Psycho Thriller
Mandy Wright is the nicest girl at Bliss High. She has it all: the hottest boyfriend, straight A’s, the lead in our play, everything but me. Everyone adores Mandy, but nobody really cares about her the way I do. After all, I know things no one else does. Like the fact that her closest friends are scheming to bring her down. That her boyfriend is cheating on her. That everyone she trusts is more dangerous than she knows. I’ll make sure they pay for what they did. I’ll do anything to protect Mandy. When their dark secrets are exposed, she will be so grateful to me. Then things can become the way they were meant to be all along: They will get the nightmare they deserve and Mandy and I will become best friends. Forever.

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US UK and CA

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