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Wait For Me: Solar Burn #1
3 days until Tessa gets her husband back from his military deployment. 72 hours until she and the kids can hold Landon in their arms again. 4,320 minutes until she doesn’t have to live life alone anymore. And then the lights go out. Solar flares and multiple coronal mass ejections wreak havoc on the power grid and bring the earth to a screeching halt. The internet doesn’t work. All communications are disrupted. And people are running out of water in the dry Southern California desert. Landon’s ship is still out to sea while Tessa is forced to take care of her young kids in a new town and trust in her neighbors who she barely knows. But can she trust them? Or does she need to seek safety somewhere else? Three days isn’t too long to wait for the love of your life. Unless the world as you know it is crumbling at your feet.

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One night in 1999 sends four ravers into a living hell when they carelessly get their DNA on an unexplainable beheading. There’s no liberation for Seth as he and his friends fight for their lives in the night woods. The RCMP will completely believe that these drugged-out kids at an illegal festival saw a horned man-beast decapitating people—right? Even as the head-chopper closes in, Seth is fixated on his consumptions and love conundrums between the Rave King Dimitri and his friend April. Oh, and his older cousin Floyd shows up to shed light on the tenth anniversary of his brutal crime. These four kids are in for the rave of a lifetime.

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