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The Amplifier Protocol
They called me an amplifier. And they had bred me, raised me, and trained me to be a killer with preternatural precision. I was capable of taking, holding, and transferring power that wasn’t my own with a simple touch. Skin-to-skin contact. Along with four others of my generation, I could infiltrate any magical organization, extracting whoever or whatever I’d been ordered to extricate. Then I could destroy all evidence of our passing presence. They had made me. They directed me. Controlled me. Then they tried to kill me.

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An Ear for Murder (A Sara Baron Tuned In Mystery)
Oboist Sara Baron agrees to cat sit for a childhood friend but instead of being greeted by a meowing fluff ball, she walks into a ransacked house and stumbles over her friend’s dead body. Frantic, she runs next door and enlists the help of a mysterious stranger who knows more than he admits. His charm, not to mention his deep chestnut eyes, is balanced by his guardedness, unexplained absences, and seemingly nonexistent past. Is he helping her expose the murderer, or covering his tracks? Meanwhile, Sara battles a career threatening affliction, and helps keep the family music business afloat all while looking for instrumental evidence to put the murderer behind bars.

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