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SciFi and Fantasy

The Realm Below
His powers diminished and his form greatly changed, Satan bides his time until he can return to his terrible strength and his kingdom of followers. Cautiously hopeful of Satan’s defeat, the Penitents have resumed their lives in the Space Between, while contending with new additions and the tragic loss of one at the Keep. In the Realm Below, chaos reigns among the leaderless demons. The monster Tanipestis, no longer under Satan’s thumb, sees an opportunity to disturb the balance of power among the Fallen. When Satan discovers his disciples can be easily led astray, he decides to reinvent himself. And what he does next will set off a desperate search across three worlds.

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Dragon Assassin The Complete Series
Carmen is an assassin. She’d love to say she just graduated with honours, but that’s not how it worked out. First, there was a horrible betrayal at assassin school. Next, a snarky, dangerous dragon came into her life: Brax. He loves books, goats and fighting against mortals and dragons alike. He’s also an outcast prince with his own dark secrets. But the emperor has declared war on assassins and the five free realms. And he’s winning. Carmen and Brax are on the run, desperately searching for a way to stop this war. They set off on a journey that will lead them through the mortal realms of Ellos, to Drachia-the land of dragons-and, to the mysterious homeland of the outcast wizards and witches, all hoping to find help. But it turns out that help is as dangerous as the emperor himself.

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The Fifth Corner: Book 1
After his wife’s mysterious disappearance, photojournalist, Jake Preston, is struggling to pick up the pieces of his shattered life. When the opportunity arises to guide a New York millionaire and his family on a backpacking trip into the rugged Idaho wilderness, Jake reluctantly takes the job. While hiking in the mountains Jake comes to terms with his loss and decides it’s time to start living again. But when his client’s young daughter vanishes under his watch, Jake’s life is once again thrust into chaos. Swamped by guilt, he vows to search the four corners of the earth if necessary to recover the missing teen. Aided by Brooke Allison, a headstrong life flight nurse, Jake unlocks the other worldly nature of a mysterious object. The couple soon discovers the earth actually has a fifth corner, a secret, ancient world, protected by dangerous people, who will do anything to remain in the shadows. Before they realize it, Jake and Brooke find themselves caught up in an adventure they never bargained for…a perilous journey from which there may be no return.

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US UK and CA

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