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Little Girl Lost
When the seventeen-year-old star of the high school softball team vanishes from a small town, the victim’s estranged older sister, Bridget Dubois, returns home in order to find her. The only problem is that Bridget has a reputation, and the locals aren’t pleased by her reappearance. Without anyone to help her, Bridget must find a way to reconnect with her younger sister before time runs out.

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Ties that Kill
Six perfect people. Many damning secrets. A death that could expose them all. Successful entrepreneur Sonia Patel returns to London to attend her sister’s wedding with a secret agenda. Jia Mehta, a family friend and an Indian heiress who committed suicide at her wedding sent Sonia a strange text that could lead her to a potential murderer. Thrown into the glamorous world she left behind; Sonia comes face-to-face with her estranged mother. Mrs. Patel doesn’t like to talk about the past. Or reveal what she knows of Jia’s death. Alia Patel, confident, poised, and ruthless, is seemingly the perfect daughter and girlfriend. And she’ll go to any lengths to protect what is hers. Her fiancé Veer is the ideal gentleman— kind, understanding, and intelligent, with a few skeletons in the closet. And he’ll do anything the make sure they stay in the closet. Their family friend, the shy Rebecca, covets what isn’t hers. And her desire could destroy them all. And Harry, the wedding planner, hides his shady past behind a perfectly tailored suit. He knows all their secrets and isn’t above using them.

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