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Steamy Romance

Discovery Moon
True Elders. The most powerful and influential wolf shifters in existence. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough of them to go around, leaving modern packs desperate for their unique skills. Most were hidden, outcast, or unaware of their true selves until Luna brought them out into the open. Now Evan, Jack, and Everet embrace profound alterations in their way of life while training their lost brothers to serve in posts all over North and South America. Caught up in the turbulent changes, Lance Stucky encounters wonder, heartbreak, and trials when Luna gives him more than he asked for. Faced with orphaned pups and a troubled mate, he struggles to match reality with his long-held dream of happiness. Aided by his loving packmates, Lance accepts a challenging future he couldn’t have imagined.

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Sweet the Lies
Nineteen-year-old Belinda Perry has known Reese Preston her whole life. As heir to a multi-billion dollar empire, Reese is American royalty—rich, handsome and notorious for his playboy reputation. Having been in love with him for as long as she can remember, Belle finally gives in to the simmering passion between them, igniting a tumultuous relationship that ultimately leaves her shattered and heartbroken. Now, eight years later, Reese is back. As tension and desire flare between them, so do bittersweet memories of his betrayal. Reese is willing to do anything to make things right again, but can she ever forgive him for the past? Or do some wounds run too deep to ever heal from?

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Impromptu Seduction
Raised as a debutante, ladylike, and reserved, London Jones has stepped into unknown territory. From the moment her life collided with a man who should’ve been off-limits, a bachelor with a hot reputation—staying out of his way was the sensible thing to do. However, she finds herself caught in a tangled web of passionate fervor whenever he comes near. So much so that her ability to place a barrier between them becomes a futile battle. The heart wants what it wants, and London’s heart yearns for him. Borboleta. She was the impetus of his desire. The only one who captured his eye for more than a moment and beckoned his soul to blend in beautiful bliss with hers. For software engineer Kyle Valentine, his attempt to hold back the hedonism that struck whenever they were together threatened to be his undoing. His heart yearned to connect with London’s soul, and soon he finds himself questioning if he’s worthy of her love.

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