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Steamy Romance

Family Bonds- Bode and Samantha
Bode Bond was the grouch of the family. The one that didn’t like people and had no problem telling them that when he’d had enough. Women wanting him for his name, money or an attempt at reforming him only pissed him off more. If he wanted what his parents had, he realized it would never happen because as many had said in the past, no one would put up with him. Until Sam… Samantha Cartwright couldn’t seem to be the person her father wanted. She wasn’t the boy he’d been longing for and she didn’t follow him into medicine like her older sisters. When work stress gets the better of her and she ends up in the ER, everyone babies her more. Including her boyfriend, Bode. He was the last person she figured would be that way when she finally found someone that seemed to understand her. Maybe she was just wrong once again. It’s not like her life wasn’t imploding around her and she’d be damned if she’d take him down with her.

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Before You Were Mine
Ally McVeigh has landed her dream job at Woodbury High. But when single dad, Owen Davies walks into her office with a tragic past and anxious daughter in tow, he threatens more than just her career plans. Struggling to distance herself from the rugged father’s promise of romance, Ally’s fear of commitment turns to hope; maybe she can have her cake and eat it. Especially when Owen craves more than one bite. He wants Ally in his life, in his bed and as the mother of his child. But in pursuing a relationship with the Food Tech teacher, old wounds and even deeper secrets begin to surface. When his daughter becomes a pawn in a vicious custody battle, he stands to lose not only his child, but the one woman who could make his family complete.

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Filthy and the Beast
Enzo is a lot of things. A big grump of a jock. Twenty years my senior. My employer. Straight. I’m living with the retired boxer while he recovers from an injury, just here to earn a good paycheck after my life fell apart. Getting emotionally involved with the man isn’t my job, but my gaze keeps lingering on his thick muscles and the storm clouds in his eyes. For a million reasons, my geeky heart shouldn’t flutter when Enzo walks in the room. But then he grunts my name, our eyes lock, and the world turns upside down. Filthy and the Beast is a steamy standalone M/M romance featuring an older, grumpy jock and the bubbly geek who lands in his mansion and upends his life. It’s got a secret sweetheart, surprise temptation, and a touch of angst. The fourth book in Love Unexpected, Filthy and the Beast can be enjoyed alone or as part of the series.

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