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Nobody Is Beyond Repair
Shell-shocked intelligence operators, drug-dealing teenage thugs, callused communists, and reminiscent senior citizens. Inspired by the real-life experience of a retired police intelligence brigadier general, Nobody is Beyond Repair brings forward the unique, seldom-told stories of the people on life’s sidelines. In “Shadows”, a retired black-ops agent comes to term with the betrayal that led to the loss of his strike team, and a teenage castaway is looking for her father in all the wrong places. In “Old Age”, a recurring dream forces a refugee veteran to face his own fear of mortality. And in “Kibbutzed”, a violent drug dealer is handed a life-changing opportunity. Written with overwhelming compassion, pain, melancholy and love, Tsvika Sela – an educator, psychologist, and high-ranking officer of over 20 years – spares no detail in this rich, original, and captivating journey of a therapist through the hearts and minds of his patients.

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The Villains Who Snapped My Spine
“Filled with determination, an honest sense of mortality and enviable vitality, A. H. Nazzareno and his memoir The Villains Who Snapped My Spine set the benchmark for how to cope with a life-changing diagnosis.” —IndiesToday In June 2021, a typical 30-year-old self-proclaimed car and coffee enthusiast’s life was suddenly derailed. The humor-laced and nostalgia-infused debut memoir follows A. H. Nazzareno in his attempt to make sense of a rare diagnosis. Written in a hospital bed and in the immediate weeks following major surgery, courtesy of Dr. Summeroff, an uncertain yet hopeful future emerges from a villain-riddled past.

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The mystical key
The first and the most comprehensive explanation of mystical experience. From Carl Jung’s mystical experiences to Thomas Merton’s, one single factor explains the phenomena of mystical experiences. That same factor elucidates the main writings of Christianity, Gnosticism, Alchemy and Western Hermeticism. This is the key that explains everything. It allows one to read and understand the precise meaning of Meister Eckhart, John of the Cross, the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of Mark, among multiple others. This key is not metaphysical, but simply psychological. It is directly related to the development of cognitive functions.

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